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Dennis Dizon






Hi there— I'm Dennis, a singer, actor, dancer, and choreographer based in New York City!

This June, I will be returning to the Tibbits Opera House to be a part of their Summer 2023 season! I will be seen as Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, choreographing Grease, as well as working at the Kids Theatre Workshop as an Acting and Dancing Instructor!  

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When I'm not onstage, I spend a lot of my  down time writing singer-songwriter/indie music, on guitar and piano. I've written nearly 50+ songs in my life so far, and am planning on putting a handful of them in an EP, to later release in 2023.

Check out my episode of "Musicians Wanted" on NBS, where I share three original songs, and talk about what inspires me to write and think creatively!


I am passionate for art in whatever form it may take, from songwriting, to choreographing, to photography, to so much more. I look forward to seeing how all my creative outlets will intersect in the coming future! 

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